“Rick is the all time best attorney for DUI cases. In my opinion he is a savior. Well, he saved me anyway. I got my second DUI and thought without a doubt I was going to go to jail or lose my job (I need my license for my job). I used another attorney for my first one and man did I have a terrible experience. Rick calmed me down, explained in detail what to expect, and rocked the courtroom on my behalf. I’m still wondering how he did it. He is amazing and I strongly recommend him if you absolutely need the best outcome. Since then, I’ve sent two people to him who were in similar situations, one even worse, and they have thanked me over and over again.”

Evelyn B. – Lafayette, CA

” I had one drink too many and was facing criminal charges for the first time in my life. I did not know where to turn. A trusted friend referred me to his former attorney, Rick Madsen, who specialized in DUI cases and made sure that I understood the process from beginning to end. In the end, Rick was able to save my driver’s license, and arranged everything so that I never even had to see a courtroom. I am grateful for the outcome, which could have been much more harsh.”

Jason D. – Danville, CA

“When I found myself charged with DUI, I freaked out. A single mom of two kids, I could not afford to go to jail or lose my license!! I was given Rick’s name by a colleague and believe me, his services were worth every cent. He was reassuring – and more importantly, he handled my case himself and got me a reduced charge. I definitely recommend that you give him a call!!!!”

Heather J. – Brentwood, CA