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Rick Worked Fast

Karen S., Danville, CA, 8/28/2012 

My son is 19 and has a substance abuse problem. So frustrating as a parent to witness them spiral downhill. When he was finally arrested on a number of charges, I wanted to throw up my hands. But he's still my child -- so (on a referral from a fellow mom who'd been in a similar boat) I got in touch with Rick, who ended up pulling out miracles I still can't believe. Instead of jail, Rick worked fast with his contacts to maneuver my son into a court-approved treatment program, and was able to have the charges reduced. It's still up to my son to do the work and overcome his addition, but Rick made it possible for him to have an opportunity for a positive future, instead of having to battle years of hassle due to felony convictions. And Rick made SURE my son understood what could have potentially happened, and how lucky he is to have a second chance. For the first time I feel optimistic that things will improve for my son and I'm so grateful to Rick for making sure his "rock bottom" isn't going to follow him for the rest of his life. I cannot thank Rick enough!!

– Karen S.

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