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The Best Choice You can Make!

Sarah M., San Francisco, CA, 6/5/2019

Having Rick and Sherry in your corner is the best choice you can make!

I was a passenger in a double fatal car accident in 2016 and had a lawsuit served in my lap as I was being rolled to physical therapy. Faced with hundreds of thousands of dollars in medical bills and a terrible lawsuit, I didn't know what to do or what was next for me. At 24, I was terrified. Madsen Law came highly recommended and once we met with him, we knew why.

Rick and Sherry handled my case with such grace and an awe-inspiring amount of professionalism. They went the extra mile to track down every medical/insurance bill, reports, evidence, etc. You name it, it was covered. Rick was understanding of my post-accident physical/mental health and always pushed just hard enough without getting me to a breaking point. When it came time for the mediation, aka a nasty alligator pit, I was ready to walk and go bankrupt at 25 just to move on; Rick was right there to support my decision but made sure other parties knew we were not going down without a major fight. Rick always had my best interest at heart and made sure I knew he had my back and would fight for me. He is not a man of fluff: he is brutally honest, explains what to expect, how folks on the other side of the table will treat you - but does so in a kind and gentle manner. Sherry's responsiveness and attention to detail is unmatched. She, to this day, willingly answers all questions I have, pulls my file for medical records I've lost without question, and stops at nothing to ensure I am still taken care of. No matter how intimidating my situation was, and still sometimes is, I never once doubt the outcome because I have the best defensive line you can get!

I highly recommend Rick and Sherry for all legal matters. Their knowledge, work ethic, kindness, and honesty is unsurpassed.

– Sarah M.

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